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Condoms... plain and simple.

Mugglerock mentioned this community to me after reading a fic I wrote (condoms - below) - so, I decided that I liked the idea! 

So, I decided that I'd join and post a fic or two!

Both are NC-17 (actually, one is probably about T+ - but i like to be sure) and have bad language and sexual scenes.  Both are, also, Harry-Draco.

Slash - don't like, don't read. 

First up, Condoms, the first fic I wrote about HxDxProtection:

Title: Condoms

Author: Navy RavenLacra

Sumary: Draco decides to teach the slashing community a little something about protected sex.  And of course, Harry is his practical demonstration!

Dedication: None.


“Okay, so, we’re here to tell all you idiots something, aren’t we, Harry?” Draco said, cocking a blonde eyebrow.  “Harry… Harry!” he seethed through grinding teeth at the brunette, who was too preoccupied reading a manga-novel to give Draco any of his time.  

“Wha-- Hmm-  Yeah, sure, Draco.  I’m sure they all already know that though…” he started, pulling from the blondes grasp.  

“No, they don’t!” Draco growled as he reached deep into his pocket and retrieved a large box of condoms.  

“But Dra--”

“No buts!” Draco commanded, pulling Harry forward.  “Condoms, people!”  he growled.  “Don’t you understand - all those damned slashers don’t make us use condoms, ‘cause we’re wizards -- and they think that makes bareback ok?!” he demanded.  “Well, do you?!” he asked once more.  

“No… No…. No…” the crowd replied, sounding dismal.  

“Exactly!” he shouted, opening the condom and dropping his pants.  “Now, this is how you use one… Harry, drop your pants!” he commanded.  

The brunette looked taken aback - were they really doing a practical demonstration?  However, he dropped his pants and smiled at the crowd.

Draco rolled the condom over his dick and lowered Harry over the bed which he transfigured from a chair.  “Acio… lube!” Draco grinned.   He slicked himself up and slid into Harry gently, picking up a steadying pace.   “Now, understand, fight STD’s!” he growled.

“Condoms… always… use… condoms,” Harry panted.  

Second, Must Be My Muggle Ways - the fiction I wrote for MuggleRock/SafeSexHP:

Title: Must Be My Muggle Ways

Author: Navy RavenLacra

Summery: Harry and Draco meet in a Muggle gay bar.  But why would they need condoms...?

Dedication: Mugglerock


Draco’s lips quirked in amusement as his eyes narrowed on a brunette at the bar - drinking alone, almost loving the glass of whisky in his hands.  

“Hey-ho, the hawks got prey,” Blaise Zabini sing-songed as he nudged Alec Saunders under the desk.  

Draco’s head snapped around and his eyes narrowed on Blaise, “No, Zabini,” he seethed, “This is a gay bar - it’s full of blokes - I’m only here because you forced me,” he muttered.  

Blaise merely rolled his eyes, “Draco… you are as queer as a nine-bob-bit,”  he sighed, “Maybe if you got over your sexual frustrations-” he grinned as Draco continued to glare daggers at him.  

“I’ll prove it,” Draco muttered as he stood from the table and started swimming through the sea of drugged-up, sweaty Muggle men.  He threw a particularly large man from his path as his eyes locked, once more, on the brunette at the bar.  

His hand slipped down to the brunette’s lower back as his voice surfaced, “Who would have known… The Boy Who Lived to Suck Dick,” Draco sing-songed as he slid into a seat next to Harry Potter.  

“Says the man in a gay-bar?” Harry retorted, drowning the last of his drink and pulling another note from his pocket, waving it at the barman who was swinging his hips as he grabbed another glass of Ardbeg Single Malt.  

“Watch it, Potter,” Draco mumbled.  “I’m here because my friends are queer - I’m not!”

“Suck my dick, Draco,” Harry smirked.  

“Mmm… I told you already,” he sing-songed, “I don’t swing that way,”

Harry snorted, “Like fuck,” he said under his breath.  “Why are you here anyway?” Harry asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Draco merely pointed over his shoulder to where, Harry realized, a smiling Blaise Zabini sat with his new boyfriend, Alec.  Harry knew Alec from work - he was in the Muggle-Relations-Office, if Harry remembered correctly.  

After they had each had their fair share of a bottle of Ardbeg, the truth was beginning to seep out.  Draco’s sexual-insecurity, his lost thoughts.  His head fell low as he felt Harry’s gaze upon him.

“Bathroom,” Harry said calmly.  

Draco raised his head, “Wha-?” he mumbled drunkenly.

“Bathroom.” Harry repeated.  “Need condoms, c’mon,” he muttered, pulling Draco by the hand.  

Draco willingly complied, allowing Harry Potter to pull him to the bathroom.  

Harry pulled two small, round, gold coins from his pocket and inserted them into the machine mounted on the wall of the bathroom.  

“Whassat?” Draco slurred, pointing to the small squares Harry now clutched in his hand.  

“Condoms,” Harry nodded with a smile.  “You’re gonna wish you hadn’t told me you fancied me, in the morning,” Harry snickered darkly, the distinct drunken slur in his voice.

“I didn‘t say I fancied you!  Oh, bugger…did,” he mumbled.  “So… condoms?” Draco asked.  “Whatcha need-at for?  We’re wizards,” he rolled his eyes… or at least, attempted to.  

“Must be my Muggle ways,” Harry said, rolling his eyes as he pawed at the front of Draco’s jeans.  

“Harry?” Draco slurred and continued without waiting for an answer, “Why am I gonna regr- regre- regure-” he paused, “Why aint I gonna like telling you I fancied you?” he decided was a good enough alternative.  

“I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll scream... you'll be standing for a week,” Harry snickered, “that’s why!” he finished as his hand ghosted over the front of Draco’s trousers and he wrapped an arm around the Blonde’s waist before Apparating back to his flat in London.  
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