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safesexhp's Journal

Accio condom!
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As many of us have said before, there is not enough safe sex/repercussions of unprotected sex in the majority of fandom. But in the Harry Potter fandom especially. I guess we all automatically assume that because they're magical, that the results from lack of protection cannot hurt them.

This community is here to try and rectify that.


1. Post het or slash fics/art/prose/anything you bloody want as long as it is related to: practising safe sex, stds, all forms of preg, and whatever results could come from an unused or broken condom.
*safe sex is not just using condoms

2. Seeing as this is a safe sex community, the majority of the entries are more than likely going to be un-work/school/at home with the parents-safe. So please remember, the lj-cut is your friend. Simplified: < lj - cut > (Only without the spaces...)

3. If the story/art/whatever is particularly graphic, I ask that you please make it a "Friends Only" post.

4. Please don't whore out other communities or RPGs unless they actually pertain to Harry Potter and safe sex.

5. No flames that do not go with extremely flamboyant characters. If you are mean, and force me to actually do my job as a mod, I will do everything in my power to make you suffer. But if you actually do troll, at least have the balls to do it under your real handle, and not the convenient coward choice known as the "anonymous button".

The majority of you should know the "Please post title, rating, blah blah blah" spiel, so I will refrain from placing it here.

This is an open community, and let me tell you why. Seeing as the majority of fancomms are open, i.e. granting anyone access to fluff and smut alike, this one will also be that way. Because, hey, if they're going to read smut, they might as well read it with safe sex and STD awareness incorporated into said smut. Savvy?

Your friendly neighborhood mod: pervy_slash_kid

safe sex is love
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