Sheeny (pervy_slash_kid) wrote in safesexhp,

Shameless self promotion.

Hey kids. Now, seeing as no one has posted anything just yet, I thought I would post my two Harry/Draco fics. A) to get this community rolling. And B) Because I am an attention whore.

Title: New Tricks.

Author: Me! a.k.a. mugglerock

Pairing: H/D

Rating: Hard R.

Summary: Draco learns a new safe trick, and can't wait to try it out on Harry.

Author's Notes: This one is a shorty pseudo smutty drabble that I wrote in ten minutes for satinvalkyrie's challange.


Title: Moment of Truth

Rating: R for language

Pairing: H/D

Warnings: Hardcore angst ahead!

Summary: A confession, confusion, and a decision.

Author's Notes: This one wasn't written for a challenge, I wanted to write a fic in which a grown man had no idea what HIV/AIDS was.

Gimme <3s.
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